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Project Outsourcing :

IT projects aiming to improve long-term performance, or to provide your organization with new and improved IT capabilities, often negatively impact short-term productivity, by diverting valuable IT resources from their core mission. Likewise, getting new experts on-board to manage those projects does not always solve this problem if it does not accentuate it, as training can be time-intensive and as new employees tie up additional resources (working space, payroll, etc). To make matters worse, continuously delaying such projects until resources free up - which, in today's smaller IT department, does not happen very often - is rarely a viable solution in this competitive market.

Turn-key solution

If you are facing such a dilemma, INBISS will enable you to timely update your IT capabilities with no additional burden on your limited resources. First, we discuss in details your particular needs and specifications, and draw up a road map to delivery with stringent delivery deadlines. Then, working from our offices, our team of "IT Gurus" at INBISS leverages our vast experience of software development to deliver a robust, efficient application. During the entire process, we keep you regularly updated on our progress, which in turns helps us provide you complete, zero-defect solution perfectly matched to your needs, and that will seamlessly integrate into your framework - all of this at an outstanding value proposition.

Types of projects:

  • New Microsoft windows applications
  • New Pocket PC applications
  • New websites
  • Migration/conversion

Core Competencies:

  • Visual Studio .net (VB.Net, C#, ASP.NET)
  • Visual Basic
  • Java
  • ASP to Access/SQL
  • PHP to MySQL


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