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Business process outsourcing :

INBISS provides global BPO consulting with broad business expertise in outsourcing. Our objective is to develop and deliver dependable, flexible and cost-effective solutions for back office and contact center operations for leading global organizations. With the IT and business expertise, we exercise in delivering a diverse set of high quality customized services with highly measurable benefits.

We have the experience of working with some of the global companies across industry sectors. Quality of delivery is the key to our operations and all our solutions are driven by the highest quality standards such as COPC, Six-Sigma and BS 7799.

Currently we provide services in the following domains:


The insurance vertical is a key service area where INBISS possesses a deep understanding of the industry and reference-able BPO work. A dedicated team of insurance professionals service all types of insurers—including general insurance, life and pensions businesses. Our expertise in process transition and application of technologies and tools help our clients achieve high performance. We have a proven track record in managing very complex processes as well as routine insurance processes.

INBISS’s services for the insurance domain are:

FSA Compliance Verification

  • Annuities and Pensions
  • Savings and Investments
  • Mortgages
  • Life Assurance and Protection

Life and Pensions Policy Processing

  • Indexing
  • Payments Out
  • Enquiries
  • Servicing
  • Contract Amendments
  • New Business

Pension Enquiries

  • Pension Enquiries and Information
  • New Business/Renewal Enquiries
  • Pension Legislative Enquiries
  • Pension Accounting Enquiries
  • Questions Relating to the Policy Plus Quotations
  • COD (contracted-out deduction) Calculation

Insurance Quotations :

Clients will achieve improved financial performance, better services and process productivity and also the ability to focus on their core business activities.

Real Estate :

INBISS’s integrated approach to outsourcing for real estate service providers effectively manages corporate real estate assets to save money, create strategic advantages, and improve client’s bottom-line.

INBISS employs a delivery system that is geared to cost reduction, best-of-class processes that drive the lowest possible price on every transaction, and a facility programming and planning process to help you control space utilization. Therefore clients benefit from cost savings across the real estate portfolio.

A partial list of the possible benefits to a real estate firm from outsourcing includes:

  • Timely updates of market values on real estate holdings
  • Efficiency gains from economies-of-scale
  • Efficiency gains and effectiveness from economies-of-scope
  • Lower transaction costs for routine tasks
  • Other real estate reporting improvements

The services provided are:

  • Market data collection for office and industrial properties.
  • Research and demographic analysis
  • Transaction management


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